How NOT to Be That Annoying Co-Worker



Everyone has behaviors and habits that may rub some people off the wrong way. While there is no way to please everyone, a little self-awareness can go a long way in avoiding unnecessary conflicts and negativity. And since the workplace has its share of irritating people, here are some ways to NOT be one of those annoying co-workers many love to hate.

Be considerate
Respect other people’s time and need for privacy. Do not be that overly chatty person who steals coworkers’ time with non-stop chatter. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to leave people alone so they can focus on their work.

Talking to someone who does not listen can be quite irritating. Do not be that person who only waits for a chance to speak instead of really listening to what another person is saying.

Don’t interrupt
Avoid interrupting people who are talking or busy doing something important unless you have a really good reason to do so. Even then, make sure to do it as politely as possible. Interrupting someone may hinder the flow of ideas or shorten the time they have to complete whatever work they need to finish.

Don’t be a chronic complainer
It is normal for employees to have complaints at some point. But do not be that chronic complainer who only seems to see the bad in every situation. Instead of using up time to share your complaints, you can think of possible solutions to the issues you see. You can then voice out your complaints and offer suggestions on how to resolve the problem.

Avoid making loud noises
No one wants to hear your end of a phone conversation. Try to keep your voice as low as possible instead of talking loudly and disturb coworkers who are busy doing their jobs.

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