Organizational Life

7 Traits of Effective Organizations

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The success of any organization does not happen by pure luck. There are many factors at play that make them great. What is often seen in the surface is just a tiny peek to the elements that make up a solid foundation that leads to organizational success. While there are many characteristics commonly seen in high-performing organizations, here are some of the traits that make them effective.

Good leadership
Leadership is one of the most important factors that make organizations great. Or to be more specific, they have good organizational leadership. Leaders have a positive relationship with employees and members of the group.

Vision and mission are clear across all levels
The best organizations share their vision and mission to everyone in the business or group. Goals are clearly communicated across different levels thus ensuring that everyone knows which direction the organization is going.

Collaboration and teamwork
Teamwork is one of the hallmarks of any healthy organizations. There is a strong culture of collaboration and ability to work together for a common goal regardless of position or level of expertise in the company or group.

Development opportunities
The best organizations provide development opportunities for its employees or members. They offer training and other enhancement programs that help build the requisite skills to become effective members of the organization.

Clear structures and policies
High-performing organizations have clear structures and policies. There is little room for ambiguity that may cause confusion. Policies are shared and understood.

Good morale
Happiness and success often go hand in hand. The higher the morale of employees or members, the more they become productive and effective at whatever it is that they do.

Organizations quickly adapt to changes and opportunities are more likely to perform better than others that may drag their collective feet in face of change.